Sex Cells at Riverside Studios, 1st-27th October 2013

WhatsOnStage – 7 October 2013
The writing has a maturity and discipline that bodes well for Longaretti as an emerging playwright. She articulates heavy emotions exceedingly well, and playfully undercuts it all with some delicious wry humour. The result is two hours of easy-watching drama. A rare achievement indeed.

Everything Theatre – 12 October 2013
A very easy production to watch. It is perfectly balanced and hits all the right notes on motherhood without pointing out the obvious or portraying mothers as martyrs. A truly well performed, directed and written play which is worth two hours away from the kids for.

The Public Reviews – 6 October 2013
For a debut play, Anna Longaretti has made an excellent start – she has a great ear for conversation and her play recalls the social comedy of Mike Leigh. Bravissima Anna!

If This Is A Blog Then What’s Christmas? – 6 October 2013
Having enjoyed reading [Sex Cells] I was looking forward to seeing it in the flesh, which I finally did last night. It was excellent. Really, really good. Funny, moving and full of great lines that wouldn’t be out of place in a script by Mike Leigh. I’m immensely impressed that they put their money where their mouths are, but more than that, as a writer, I’m impressed by how bloody good it is. – Ben Kay

UK Theatre Network – 5 October 2013
This journey constantly shifts between the comedic and the tragic, and by the end of it you’ll likely end up with strong feelings about what being a mother, or father for that matter, means to you. I would say that is the major strength of this play. Not the asking of new, hitherto unknown questions, but a firm asking of important questions we already know, but that are worthwhile being asked again…Sex Cells is definitely a production worth seeing, and I hope we’ll get to see more of Longaretti’s work some time in the future.

Tiffany, Sylvie, Lilly and Mr Causeway