The people speak regarding the Riverside Studios run of Sex Cells, 1-27 October 2013:

Joanna Perry (Timeout reviewer): “Sex Cells follows the lives of four women working in the call centre of an adult toy company. But the real story is about motherhood. The agony of not being able to be a Mum, the weight of responsibility of being  a Mum and the grief of being a Mum who’s child has flown the nest and never calls. It sounds dry but this play has wit, a deep honesty and is set against the humour of the ludicrous selling lines of the bizarrely named adult toys. It is a recipe for peals of laughter, flowing of tears and a throughly good night out. Not to be missed.”

Ron Mueck (artist): “We have been talking about the play and our families all morning. It’s stirred up all sorts. It’s really good Anna. You made a good thing. And that’s been part of the discussions this morning too. That you and Mark actually made it happen, didn’t just talk about it like we all do all the time. Everyone finds it really inspiring. Bloody well done! You should be really proud.”

Steph Hamill (advertising producer): “Sex Cells is absolutely fantastic and has had a profound impact on me. Brilliantly written and an emotional roller coaster. Outstanding!”

Blogger/Drama teacher: “Saw brilliant play Sex Cells last night! Nearly full house, much laughing, and my A-Level students are saying it’s the best play they’ve seen.”

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Kate Camiller (Old Vic Productions): “Absolutely brilliant production of Sex Cells at the Riverside Studios – first rate acting & really moving & funny play. Go see!”

Globe Digital Officer: “Really enjoyed Sex Cells. Witty,well observed & poignant. Brilliant performances too.”

Ryan Boucher (Film/TV Editor): “It was a great night. Can’t wait for the next one. Anna better get writing!”

Sophie Wilkinson (Journalist): “Last night I saw the touching play Sex Cells at the Riverside Studios. it’s on until the end of October, go see!”

Streetfox: “Last night Foxy went to see SEX CELLS, a new comedy play at Riverside studios – and laughed til his brush fell off!!!” “Great play! Brilliant acting! Very relevant!”

Paul Belford (Creative Director): “Saw the excellent Sex Cells at Riverside Studios last night. Highly recommended”

More comments:

“I thought the play was bloody brilliant! Everything, the acting, the direction, the lighting but most of all the writing!!! We all thought it was hilarious. The ladies behind me at the bar were saying how brilliant the writing was and which character they thought they were. So impressed. And I have seen A LOT of theatre in my time”

“A fantastic show tonight. Sex Cells is pure entertainment from start to finish. A skilful and clever script, and great storytelling from a very talented cast. Congrats Anna Denton Longaretti. Loved it, loved it, loved it.”

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for such an amazing evening. I can’t stop thinking about the play and the wonderful characters.”

“We enjoyed the play so much! Such a privilege to be involved. Two hours weren’t enough. Lots of laugh out loud moments!”

“Very much enjoyed Sex Cells on Tues. Who wants to watch Never Mind The Buzzcocks when you have a new play by Anna Longaretti to see?”

“Sex Cells at Riverside Studios. Go see it. Absolutely incredible. Anna Longaretti is a genius!”

“What a fabulous delight seeing Anna Denton Longaretti’s preview of Sex Cells at the Riverside Hammersmith on Tuesday!”

“Lovely performances tonight from four ladies (yes count them) and a chap in Sex Cells.”

“A great evening of theatre. Charming, touching stuff. Congratulations all.”

“A must-see! SEX CELLS, a new comedy play at Riverside studios – saw it last night and it’s the nuts!!!”

“Brilliant acting, well-defined characters, each with their own different issues relating to motherhood. All characters have their own story yet are linked through their work and form different relationships with their fellow workers. Poignant and funny throughout.”

“Last night’s performance was just superb!!! I laughed, I cried, I enjoyed every second.”

“Sex Cells was really good. A funny, smart look at motherhood and the hilarious, mundane and tragi-comedy of the office life. Recommended.”

“I really enjoyed this show! … the cast were great, the characters were well developed and identifiable – 4 females leads and the 1 male boss. I enjoyed their performances and their conversations seemed real.”

“Saw your play yesterday and was deeply impressed. Loved the characterisation and the clever way you played each character off against one another and the neat contrasting of comedy and pathos. The acting was faultless – Jean Perkins as Lily was wonderful, a real tour de force. The piano music was pitch perfect too. Well done you – when’s the next?”

“Hi Anna,
Marijne and I are flat mates, and she told me about you and your play.  I never read a review, I didn’t care — what she said was enough.  So for the first time since I moved into the flat with my teenage twins a month ago (separating and in the process of divorcing), I bought a ticket and took one daughter to a play.
We both absolutely loved Sex Cells.  So touching.  At one point in the first act, I looked to my left on the front row and the gorgeous couple was lit with the French character, and their sympathy with her  distress so sweetly mirrored her sadness — it made me think how you never see those audience reactions in photos.  It showed just how engaged the whole audience was.
But I felt rather special because I think I was the only one there with a teenage daughter and the play hit us on so many different levels, looking forward and back.  Just magic.
I think it brilliant of you to form your own company and get your play produced and it deserves to be seen much more widely.
In admiration,
Cindy Lawford'”