Set in a busy call centre selling sex toys, Sex Cells is a bitter-sweet comedy drama that explores motherhood through the relationships and rivalries of the four women employees and their Manager, Mr Causeway.

Lily is 65 years old with a 28 year old son. She has never examined their flimsy relationship until he resolves to break ties.

Sylvie is 39 and desperate for a child. Her third attempt at IVF failed and with hardly any eggs left she will stop at nothing to have another go. Even if this means asking Lily, a woman she can’t stand, for a loan.

Tiffany is 29. She has witnessed what children have done to the women in her life, not least her twin sister. She longs for love, but always meets the wrong men.

Janice is 39 and has five children. She struggles to remember what it was like to be the independent woman she once was.

The manager Mr Causeway is a gentle man of 55 who cannot deal easily with the stresses of life… or the constant rows that break out between his co-workers.

A must-see for all mothers, want-to-be mothers and anyone who’s ever had a mother.